Conceived by Franco Botticelli's passion and enterprising spirit, the Botticelli Art Gallery first opened in Florence in 1961. Franco was an artist-collector who turned into an innovative antique dealer.
The store was located at 40/r Via Maggio, run by Franco and his wife Veria until 1994. At Franco's premature passing, his sons Eleonora and Bruno, who represent the second generation, succeeded to the parents and continued specializing in sculpture and "alta epoca" furniture.

Everything starts with Franco, our father, the creative spirit. He was a painter and above all a superlative antique dealer, he grew up us as two art lovers.
Eleonora Botticelli

The gallery has since moved to 39/r Via Maggio. Bruno and Eleonora broadened their field of knowledge, using their passion for the rare and uncommon, a thorough search of quality and careful attention to the background of their objects . They have brought to the gallery from Wunderkammer objects to ancient fabrics and primitive paintings. Since the first editions of the Florence Biennale dell'Antiquariato , the Botticelli Art Gallery has shown a distinctive open approach to modern and contemporary art, thanks to Franco's in depth knowledge of Tuscan art of the '900. Eleonora and Bruno foster continuity in this open attitude often staging young contemporary artists, in a constant search of effective connections between the antique and the new.

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